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We are a team of enthusiastic brains that guide our millennials with the ancient wisdom of minimalism. Founded in 2018, Minimalix began its modest journey from the urbans of Gurgaon. With the revolutionary concept of minimalist living, we have ventured into the market of minimalist co-living spaces that has led us with the idea of beautification and decluttering of any space. Today, we are a robust family of thirty talented and self-motivated individual entrepreneurs who have the potential materialize anything in minimalistic way.

We serve our clients and customers with best experience of minimalist community with a wide range of products and services that includes minimalist co-living spaces, minimalist interior design services, minimalist food and much more. Being a minimalist is clean and green and we believe, it to be the need of the hour. Our earth can cater to the needs of all the humans who co-exist here but not to their wants. Now is the perfect moment to realize that and act upon it. Let us begin the movement of minimalism for a sustainable future.